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CEO, Sonya Cooke

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Girl Talk Incorporated is me. I remember as a young girl wishing for a sister.  Someone I could talk to and share ideas and experiences with. See, I was the only girl out of six brothers and living in the house with two of them, left me with all my feelings in my head with no one to share them with.

When I started dating I had no one to talk to about it, no one to share the first kiss with, and no one to ask if “this” was how dating should be. I was all alone with these thoughts and questions. Of course, I had a mom and although she is the sweetest loving woman I know, she was dealing with her own personal issues and unconsciously didn’t have time for mine. It was always, “don’t do this!” or” don’t do that!” and there was never a conversation as to WHY NOT.  Those important conversations going into my teen years were very important, If I had them, maybe I could have avoided some of the negative challenges I went through. I needed someone to talk to.   Someone to  confide in and ask important questions about boys, feelings, and sex. I didn’t have any of that so, I had to make the decisions on my own, and it didn’t help that I suffered from a low self-image. I didn’t think I was pretty or loved because there was no one to tell or show me that. My dad was in and out of prison and even though we stayed in contact by writing back and forth, it didn’t measure up to a strong male figure in my life,  protecting and guiding me.  A father to actually show me how I was supposed to be treated by the opposite sex.  My Daddy little princess on a pedestal, but I missed all of that.

After three teen pregnancies, having to drop out of high school, and making poor decisions in my 20’s I decided that once I got myself together I was going to do whatever I could to help another young girl NEVER feel the way that I felt.   I dreamed of developing a  program where girls could come and talk freely, in a non-judgmental environment about the issues and challenges that I know they face daily.  Years later my dream came true and  Girl Talk Incorporated was developed! I truly believe that all girls whether they have two parents in the home or one active parent,  need someone or a village that they can talk with to help them navigate through life’s ills.   As girl’s transition from adolescent to preteen to teen, they go through so many changes and emotions, and most often than not they don’t understand what they are going through and feeling. They need guidance and information that can help them make better decisions and feel confident about who they are and the young woman they are growing into.

Girl Talk Incorporated is up and running, and I couldn’t be more proud of the impact that we’re making in the lives of girls in the Indianapolis community. Girl Talk Incorporated was birthed from the experiences that I had as a teen that I’m sure so many other women had as well. Our plan is to reach as many young women as possible and show them that they are not out here on this roller coaster called life by themselves. That they will always have someone to talk to and help guide them in the direction of SUCCESS and SELF LOVE.

That’s why your support is very important to us!  Your gift of donating will help us to supply valuable resources like supplies, classes, and much more to these deserving young women that will develop not only a net of support, but skills that will last them a lifetime! From my heart.. I sincerely thank you,